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The Arts Factory and Gdańsk-based Kompania Kaperska Association prepare a real history lesson. Soon, on September 22nd, on the Prince Sambor II Vistula Boulevard, we’ll have the opportunity to see how the Polish hetman defeated the Swedish king. A time machine will take us to the seventeenth century, when the Polish-Swedish war over the Vistula estuary took place. Lubiszewo was the stage of fierce fights, which lasted for two days and it was the culminating moment of the 1627 campaign. Two remarkable leaders of the 17th century stood against each other: hetman Stanisław Koniecpolski and Swedish king Gustav II Adolf. Despite the fact that the Polish forces were almost two times smaller, the army commanded by the Polish hetman repulsed the Swedes and wounded their mighty ruler. After the Battle of Tczew the warfare ceased. The reenactors will come to Tczew on the penultimate September weekend to remind us of that notable battle.

Tczew will be visited by nearly one hundred reenactors from all over Poland, who will recreate the Polish and Swedish armies. From Friday evening to Sunday morning, our visitors will stay on the Vistula boulevard, where live of a 17th century soldier’s camp will be recreated. Women will cook food for the army on the campfire, look after children, mend and embroider, while men will prove themselves to be steadfast in the practice of drill. The camp wouldn’t be complete without singing and dancing. – says Marcin Bałut, President of the Kompania Kaperska Association.

Tourists will be able to see the campsite and take part in the attractions prepared by the reenactors. Workshops of old craftsmanship, archery and contests with prizes will surely interest many history enthusiasts. However, the most important point of the show will be the reenactment of the battle on Saturday at around 3.30 p.m. The organizers ask the inhabitants of the surrounding blocks of flats and tenement houses for their understanding, apologizing in advance for the noise. Participation in the event is free of charge!


City of Tczew


21.09 Friday

20:00 (Vistula Boulevard)

  • march with torches. Route: Boulevard – Nad Wisłą Street – Kołłątaja Street – Arts Factory

20:30 (Arts Factory, 30 Stycznia Street 4)

  • fire show

22.09 Saturday

12:00-18:00 (Vistula Boulevard)

  • camp life
  • archery for visitors
  • craftsmen’s stalls

12:00-13:00 ( Vistula Boulevard)

  • artillery show
  • attractions for children and adults: field game, fencing lessons, rope-maker’s workshop, stories about black powder weapons, motanka doll making, physical contests.

13.30-14.30 ( Vistula Boulevard)

  • troop manoeuvres

15.30-17.00 ( Vistula Boulevard)

  • reenactment of the Polish-Swedish battle

19.30 ( Vistula Boulevard)

  • march with torches. Route: Boulevard – Nad Wisłą Street – Kołłątaja Street – Arts Factory

20.00 (Arts Factory, 30 Stycznia Street 4)

  • fire show
  • visit to the Vistula River Museum of the National Maritime Museum Branch

23.09 Sunday

11.00-13.00 ( Vistula Boulevard)

  • sabres tournament with the participation of the reenactors


The programme may be changed.

Free entry!


Kompania Kaperska is a group dedicated to recreating important events related to the history of Pomerania in the 17th century and presenting everyday life of people from this period. You will find out more about us at www.kompania-kaperska.pl. If you want to contact us, write to kontakt@kompania-kaperska.pl.

The Fabryka Sztuk was established in 2007 as the Exhibition and Regional Center of the Lower Vistula in Tczew. The main task of this institution is to conduct cultural activities, including propagating the history and traditions of Tczew and the region of Kociewie. For more information, please visit: fabrykasztuk.tczew.pl


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